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Take A Test Drive

I ’m conscious that most of you won’t have had any experience of dealing with a financial planner. Your only experience of financial advice (if anything at all) may be limited to a product-focused salesperson, where it feels more about them making a sale rather than making a real difference to your life. I thought that it may be useful to give you an idea of the experience that a new client has with Claritas. The first meeting is free of charge and is a chat about where you are up to in your life and what you want to do and achieve in the future. Before we can even start to talk about your money, we need to completely understand what is important to you, so that the whole process has some meaning. You’ll be advised of the cost of the financial planning exercise at the end of the first meeting, and should you decide to go ahead, a small proportion of the fee is payable at that stage. The remainder of the fee is payable at the end of the whole exercise and you only pay if you are completely happy with what we have done. We’re conscious that you’re buying something you can’t ‘touch and feel’ so we believe that giving you a test drive of our service is the right approach. Not many advisers work in this way but we’re pretty confident that all will be ok.

“Financial planning is pretty complex, but we’ll make it simple for you.”

The second meeting is where we gather all your personal and financial information together, along with details of the various financial products that you may have accumulated over time. The third meeting is where we run through the first draft of your financial plan with you. This isn’t a presentation, more of an interactive process, in which we can make amendments in real-time as we go along. We’ll be able to see whether you are on track and show you what action is required in all areas of your financial planning. This will probably be the first time that anybody has shown you your current and potential future financial position in a clear and simple fashion. It can be quite an eye-opener! At the end of the process, you’ll receive a clear, concise document outlining our advice, with a few charts and action points. Financial planning is pretty complex, but we’ll make it simple for you.